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Join one of our special retreats and deepen your practice with a combination of meditation, pranayama, yoga and yoga philosophy. Our retreats provide a space to become quiet and to rest, restore and rejuvenate. They bring us in touch with our inner self – bringing us clarity, direction and inspiration.

In our yoga classes, we emphasise functional alignment and particular attention is paid to the unique needs of each individual. With careful observation and reflection in each asana we release tension whilst building strength and flexibility. Static asanas become dynamic through the use of actions and props, bringing the body into balance and increasing bodily awareness. Attention is paid to the five points of asana – effort, focus, breathing, relaxation and reflection – with a range of breathing techniques introduced to compliment the asanas. At the end of each day we practice together in a nurturing, restorative way.

Our mindful meditation practice uses techniques to bring attention both within the body, with focus on breath and body sensations, and without, focusing on external stimuli. The pranayama practice facilitates the meditation practice, helping to calm the mind and bring attention to the breath. Yoga philosopy is a time for sharing our personal experiences with focus on what is relevant to our current situation and our yoga practice.

​Meals at The Retreat Centre will help nourish, balance and restore your body.  We serve a hearty, wholesome brunch after morning yoga practice, a snack with fruits in the afternoon and a light meal in the evening. We also cater to special dietary requirements – please inform us when you are making your reservation.

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