During your overnight stay, we offer you the use of our special wood burning Sauna, for an extra relaxing treat!



1) Improved Cardiovascular Health

According to a report by Harvard Medical School, a sauna bath can increase your pulse by 30% or more and almost twice as much blood will pump through you heart.  Some studies have indicated that just two weeks of using a sauna daily can improve vascular function. Most importantly, the university notes that saunas are safe for most people—including those with certain heart issues, but recommends that people consult their doctors if they have health issues.


sauna2) Reduced Muscle Soreness

Research related to the impact on muscles is rather interesting. Scientists like to work with athletes because they experience rather extreme conditions and keeping them in top form is essential. This in mind, there’s a wealth of information. For example, partaking post-exercise can increase athletic performance, which researchers hypothesize comes from increased blood volume. Partaking pre-exercise can also decrease muscle soreness after exercise. And, if you’re just plain sore after a hard day, it will help with that too.

3) Improved Breathing

Research shows that people with certain breathing conditions can breathe easier after being in a sauna. This is due to a mixture of the heat and humidity, which loosens phlegm and opens airways. Of course, the reduced stress doesn’t hurt either. Additional research suggests using a sauna regularly can decrease the risk of developing a respiratory disease.

4) Decreased Inflammation

Much of the benefits outlined here come down to one thing; decreased inflammation. For what it’s worth, researchers have looked at overall markers of inflammation and find them diminished with regular sauna use. Sauna is often used a a complementary treatment for all sorts of chronic pain and even headaches.

5) Healthier Immune System

Using a sauna can boost your immune system. Researchers say it stimulates the immune system and causes the body to produce more white blood cells.

6) Increased Well-Being

Many people report using a sauna for relaxation and about 90% of Finland uses a sauna at least once per week—they’ve been the “Happiest Country in the World” for several years running now. 

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